~Gold Level Membership
$265.00 per month
~Includes 3 Body Treatments and 1 upgrade
Upgrade includes:
~Mini Facial
~Chemical Peel
~20 extra minutes of treatment tim

~Silver Level Membership
$350 per month
~Includes 4 Body Treatments
2 upgrades
Upgrades Include:
~Mini facial
~Chemical peel
~20 extra minutes of treatment time

~Platinum Level Membership
$435.00 per month
Up to 8 Body Treatments
~3 Upgrades
~Upgrades include
~Mini facial
~Chemical peel
~20 extra minutes of treatment time

* All memberships will require a $100 registration and contract fee

* For all membership contracts run in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month terms and will be subject to a cancellation charge for early termination

**No Credit Check**

All Packages are available to Financing
~10-20% down depending on amount to be financed

~Monthly payments as ACH Debit transaction
~Bi-Weekly Payments as ACH Debit transactions


Individual Treatments

Unsure if you want to buy a package?

Try an Individual Treatment

Includes~ Consultation, Before and After Photos and Measurements 

Individual Treatments start at $110.00

All treatment packages are able to be customized.

Treatment Packages Available


*Cellulite Reduction
*Weight Loss
*Toning and Firming of the skin

All Packages Include~ Consultation, Before and After Photos, Measurements and Custom Treatments customized to target specific areas. All treatments are 1 hour

10 Treatment Package- $1080.00
15 Treatment Package- $1350.00
20 Treatment Package- $ 1700.00

30 Treatment Package-$ 2550.00
Full Body Makeover (40 treatments) – 3400.00

Skin Factor
Aesthetics & Body Rejuvenation

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